Rockford Clean Jobs Collaboration

Rockford Clean Jobs Collaboration

As a standardized curriculum, our Clean Jobs Training Programs provide fast-track, energy efficiency and renewable energy training to educate Illinois’ returning residents, equity-eligible community members, and marginalized communities. Elements of our program facilitates the successful re-entry of formerly incarcerated returning residents.
Clean Energy Job s Training Programs
Re-entry and connection services

Community-based organizations

We offer a life cycle, case-study based instruction describing the functions and descriptions of the more than 40+ clean energy jobs required for renewable energy development. The clean energy jobs are involved in the acquisition, strategic planning, development, finance, delivery, and revenue of an investment grade project using standard principles of risk mitigation.

  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Training Curriculum
  • Life-Re-entry-Networking-Resources
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Who We are

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Our Expert Teachers

Patrick A. Weller, LEED AP
CEJA Jobs Training Program Director
Tretara Flowers
High-Risk Re-entry Director

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