ESCO Professional Training Program

PDESCO 401: Project Delivery for ESCO Professionals

Learning outcomes (what the learners are expected to learn)

  • Project Delivery. The fundamental practices of Design-Build-Operate-Maintain with Asset Management (DBOM-AM) are taught to instill the Student with a life-cycle approach to project management, engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), operation and maintenance with turnkey asset management. The study of an EPC Contractor self-performing a 30-year Solar PPA Agreement is the basis of Project Delivery training course materials.

The following statements set measurable objects and expectations for what Students should learn and be able to perform upon attaining certification or credentials.

The Student is expected to perform the following learning activities.

  • Project Delivery. 
    • Completion of Project Engineering activities
    • Performing Project and Construction Management activities.
    • Implementing Engineering, Procurement, and Construction activities.
    • Conducting Substantial Completion activities.
    • Completing project commissioning activities.
    • Completing Punch List Items for Project Acceptance.
    • Conducting a Project Acceptance Meeting
    • Implementing Measurement & Verification (M&V) protocols
    • Developing Energy Monitoring services.
    • Performing Scheduling and Unscheduled Operations & Maintenance activities.
    • Conducting Asset Management activities.
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