Returning Residents Clean Jobs Training Program

Returning Residents Clean Jobs Training Program

Returning Residents Clean Jobs Training Program

DIVINE SOL provides Clean Energy Jobs Act programs that foster sustainable conduct, investment grade process, life purpose fulfillment, and value creation. We offer the DIVINE SOL CEJA Training Program to provide live and on-demand vocational job-skills and occupational school-based job-skills training.

Our mission to deploy a high-performance, green collar workforce with essential employability skills and investment grade practical expertise.

Returning Residents Clean Jobs Training Program will provide essential employability skills training as part of vocational or occupational training. Training will lead to certifications or credentials that prepare the Committed person for employment upon Discharge.

The Returning Residents Clean Jobs Training Program shall prepare incarcerated people in the custody of the Department of Corrections for a career in clean energy. The curriculum covers both the hard and soft skills needed to be a competitive clean energy job applicant.

The program shall be no less than 36 months and one week, consisting of the following components:

  • The Returning Residents Pre-Program Training: (One-Week): The Returning Residents Clean Jobs Training Program shall include a one-week pre-program orientation that ensures the candidates understand and are interested in continuing the Program. Candidates that successfully complete the orientation may continue to the full Program.
  • Returning Residents Clean Jobs Training Program Program: (36 months Prior to Expected Release Date to Discharge Date):
    • (1) Connected services. The Program shall prepare graduates to work in the clean energy and related sector jobs as defined in Section 5-25.
    • (2) Recruitment of participants. The Program Administrators shall, in coordination with the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, educate committed persons in both men's and women's correctional institutions and facilities on the benefits of the Program and how to enroll in the Program.
    • (3) Connection to employers. The Program Administrators shall, with assistance from the Regional Administrators, connect Program graduates with potential employers in the clean energy jobs industries.
    • (4) Graduation. Participants who successfully complete all assignments in the Program shall receive a Program graduation certificate and any certifications or credentials earned in the process.
    • (5) Eligibility. A committed person in a correctional institution or facility is eligible if the committed person:
      • (i) is within 36 months of expected release;
      • (ii) consented in writing to participation in the Program;
      • (iii) meets all Program and testing requirements;
      • (iv) is willing to follow all Program requirements; and
      • (v) does not pose a safety and security risk for the facility or any person.


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